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Adult Daycare (Bloodhoof) is currently recruiting the following:
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    Welcome to the Adult Daycare webpage.  We are a level 25 guild comprised of mature, very social, and casual players of WoW.  There are approximately 330 toons in Adult Daycare, and although it may sound like a cliche, we do try to maintain a family atmosphere and look after each of our members.

    We are not a hardcore, play until your fingers bleed guild, but we enjoy old content as well as raiding the new.  Currently, we are starting our progression into BoT content but throughout each week we go 'old school' running older content such as WoLK, BC and Old World. Additionally, we are addicted to achievements and are in the process of acquiring guild achievements such as "That's A Lot of Bait" and "United Nations".

    Take the time to review our entire website including guild rules, the Raids page, and ask our officers any questions you may have.  If Adult Daycare sounds like the guild for you, whisper or send in-game mail to our recruitment officer, Theblindmage.

    Thank you for your interest in Adult Daycare, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Rules of the Guild
  1. WoW is a game – have fun.

  2. You represent Adult Daycare in all your actions, please honor it by respecting the guild, its members, and other players of WoW.

  3. In Vent or typed chat, no “f bombs” are tolerated and no excessive foul language or crude jokes will be tolerated.

  4. Do not use guild members or the guild bank for personal profit (e.g., using an Alchemist’s CD for Truegold to sale without their knowledge).

  5. The guild does not loan currency to members and does not tolerate requests to other members for currency.

  6. Trolling trade chat will not be tolerated.  If there are issues, these should be addressed through /w.

  7. Calendar activities - events, invites, etc.:


    1. Reply to all calendar activities on all toons.  It takes less than 30 seconds (including log on, answer and log off) and allows organizers to determine the level of participation and interest for future activities.

    2. If you accept; be online, on time and prepared for the activity.  If you will be late, let a participating officer know directly or send in-game mail to the organizer.

    3. Being late without notification or being a no show two times will automatically restrict you from future calendar activities.

    4. ***Raiders showing up late w/o notification three times or three no shows will be demoted.***

  8. Guild members are responsible for their own Roster Note.  Your main toon must be designated.  Other info to add can be item level, spec(s), etc.
  9. Discussions of illegal activities such as drug use, underage drinking, etc. is not tolerated in Gchat.


Rank 1 : Guild Founder (SwampApe)

Rank 2 : Guild Masters (Psmeoffndie)

Rank 3 : Guild Master Assists

Rank 4 : Officers

Rank 5 : Raid Leader (Porqchop)
Rank 6 : Raiders
Rank 7 : Members

Rank 8 : Initiates
Rank 9 : Alts (Note: this designation is for all guild alts)

Please note there is a 3-4 week trial period prior to any Initiates being considered for a promotion.  Promotions are based on guild participation, collaboration, and helpfulness.  

The guild chain of command should be followed if you have any issues or suggestions for the guild.

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